Garden Plots

Rent a garden plot today! In the Adell Village Park, open to all Adell residents. Grow your own heirloom, exotic and pesticide-free vegetables and flowers. Gardening is a great way to get some exercise and meet new people. Call the village office at (920) 994-8620 or Andy Schmitt at (920) 994-4581.

General Garden Rules and Information for Plot Gardeners

 • The gardens are tilled and staked by the beginning of June.

• No motorized vehicles except garden tillers are allowed in the park.

• Plants must be grown within the plot boundaries.

• Only established paths going to and from your plots may be used.

• Your children should be restricted to your plot and the common areas of the garden.

• Plastic mulch and plastic orange fences are not allowed. Any fencing or structures must be approved by

the village park committee.

• Garden and pathways should be free of weeds all season.

• No pets are allowed in the gardens.

• Gardens should look tidy all growing season.

• In the fall, all artificial materials that were brought in must be removed (milk jugs, plastic containers, etc.).

If plants grew in the garden, they can stay in the garden.

• Stealing and vandalism will not be tolerated.

• No storage of any materials, other than gardening supplies, will be tolerated in the garden plot or

surrounding areas.

 Garden Plot Rental Prices for 2023 Garden Plots

 25’ X 25’

Annual Garden